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One man and his dog, and a new member!
A city isn't complete without people, they throng the streets, play in the parks, work in the offices; Muff City is no exception. Populating this, and all, DeathRace maps are many pedestrians going about their business, and say, hypothetically, if you were to accidentally leave the race course and happen to find yourself driving through an office building you might, maybe, hit one or two of these people. Not on purpose, obviously, no-one would find the maiming of these innocents amusing or fun...  uh, anyway, here's an editor screenshot of the generic male model (crafted by the one and only Fraz) and a render of his little pet dog, the work of our brand new low-poly pedestrian modeller and animator extraordinaire, Cole!
His name's Dave, he lives in a box.
Have you ever been playing Need For Speed Turismo Turbo XTreme: Nitro Edition and found yourself wishing, just for a second, that you could fly like a bird? A bird with rockets attached to its wings? If the answer is yes then we have the powerup for you! ROCKET-CAR! Fly, soar, swoop and plummet, the choice is yours
The use of rockets in conjunction with vehicles is hazardous to your health, as with all airborne vehicles results may vary
Errol - 3rd November 2005 8:06pm
New stuff?!
After our brief (haha) "fear of the law" induced hiatus it's time to get this show back on the road. Just a couple of spangly new screenshots for you to check out. Firstly, we have the nifty looking Warthog (take that Master Chief, we nicked your rides name. Have we no shame?) a 4x4 perfect for those off the road, on the pavement jaunts. Secondly we have a few different camera angle shots and finally we have a top-down, wireframe layout of Muff City. The tiny, hard to see, yellow dots are the size of the Eagle X, just slightly larger than the Scorpion in retail UT2004. Gives you an idea of the scope of this map.
This is actually the model that's used ingame, it's only around 3000 polys
Good old hoodcam, for when you want to get up close and personal
'70s wheel cam.  Flashbacks of Starsky and Hutch!
Not much to say about this one, it's a camera, strapped to the spoiler
Mmmm, Muff
Errol - 30th October 2005 1:33am
Hang in there!
Not really much to report, I've been bug fixing all my untested network code (who would've thought replication could be so tricky?) and hyena has been working on his awesome gold hunt map. Anyway, a few people have emailed asking why parts don't fall off cars... well, they do. I'd just never taken a screenshot with a damaged Eagle. So, without further ado, check this out...
Errol - 23rd January 2005 12:33pm
Another day, another set of screenshots
First I'd like to say a big Hello! to anyone visiting us from BeyondUnreal or PlanetUnreal, feel free to post in the forum, I'd like to hear what you think. Also, here are another couple of ingame shots of various effects.
Errol - 12th January 2005 5:35pm
Going strong...
Work never stopped on DeathRace over the christmas holidays, mainly due to hyena and myself being miserable gits, but the time and effort is really starting to show ingame. Check out these hot images!
Errol - 9th January 2005 7:28pm
Stiff Shifter!
Those of you who own Carmageddon 2 might know of a chap named Econobrick, he's been creating vehicle addons for C2 since the dawn of time and is extremely good. He has recently recreated the Stiff Shifter from Carmageddon 1 in high poly glory and has kindly let me port it over to DeathRace. Check it out...
The Stiff Shifter
Errol - 25th December 2004 12:20pm
Ingame Shots
Hyena has been working on New Beaver City and has a number of impressive static meshes. He's really setting the tone for the level, a nice dark, dreary city. Well, without further ado, here are the piccies!
Errol - 22nd December 2004 3:37pm
Website Update
I've just uploaded a couple more sections for your reading pleasure. They're not very long as yet but will be updated from time to time. In other news we have a new team member. Hyena has joined us at the helm of all things map related, you might know him from the excellent mod MetaBall which placed 2nd in Phase Four of the Make Something Unreal competition.
Errol - 15th December 2004 4:14pm
Uh, we have forums and stuff
Check 'em out: Oh, and also you can now get to us at!
Errol - 11th December 2004 12:13pm
Beware of the Rat
Just another quick update. If anyone wants to "hang out" as the cool kids say, pop on over to #carmageddon on
Errol - 6th December 2004 6:43pm