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The History
It started in 2004, the world's youth was listless and angry, both bored and wanting to lash out at the people around them. Street Racing became popular but it soon lost it's appeal, "Driving is all well and good" they said, "but it doesn't hold our interest". The cars started to be upgraded, not just for speed but for offensive use. Spikes were added, armour was fitted, the cars started looking more like war machines. The races themselves started to grow, spreading and spreading until they included whole cities. But still the youth weren't happy, racing around deserted streets at night didn't give them the buzz they were after. So the events started being scheduled during the day, when the streets were filled with the general public. Thus DeathRace was born.
The Game
Compete in various events including...
  • Gold Hunt
  • Street Soccer
  • Cops and Robbers
  • DeathRace

    Drive around huge and varied locations like...
  • Muff City
  • Muff Mountains
  • Muff City Airport

    Do a bunch of other cool stuff like...
  • Eat babies
  • Dance on graves
  • Invent the internet!